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School Hours

Mon-Fri  7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Sat - Sun Closed




Academic Programs



    LANGUAGE ARTS : Small group classes focusing on phonemic awareness; phonics and sight

word reading; non-fiction and fiction; plays; and poetry for guided reading; listening and reading

comprehension; spelling regular and irregular words; analytical and creative writing.


    CREATIVE WRITING : Emphasis on writing freely from the imagination; transitions and

sequencing of events and character development; elementary editing of grammar and



    MATHEMATICS : Place value; number relationships and properties; number combinations to

20; creation and solution of story problems; measurement of length; weight and time;

identification and classification of 2-D and 3-D shapes; organization; representation and

comparison of data; creation; description and extension of patterns.


    SOCIAL STUDIES : Begining with community and neighborhood and expanding to the five

boroughs with attention to geography; history; landmarks and transportation; and to individual

differences and similarities within the classroom community.


    SCIENCE : Properties of air and aerodynamics; comparative study of human and animal teeth;

behavior; anatomical structure and ecology of mollusks using land snails and their relationship to

the rest of the animal kingdom; seed germination; bird anatomy and identification; states of

matter exploring change of state; the water cycle and weather; the solar system.


    LIBRARY : Weekly period for listening to stories; learning the location of fiction and

non-fiction; and checking out books


    ART : Introduction to the tools, techniques, materials and communicating personal images and

ideas; demonstrating observation skills; demonstrating an appreciation of Art.


    CRAFTS : Continuation of the program begun in Kindergarten.


    MUSIC : Understanding musical terms/beats/rhythm; using music as a means of creative



    PHYSICAL EDUCATION : Demonstrating principles of movement; creative movement;

improving conditioning and increasing flexibility.



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