ABA Therapy Services for Children

The first step of the ABA service is a “meet and greet” meeting where the parents/caregivers and IAMSS clinical team discuss the family goals and IAMSS way to help with skills development, parent training, and much more.

ABA Therapy Services for Children

Once the child is registered for ABA therapy services, the initial assessments The Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) or/and The Assessment of Basic Learning and Language Skills (ABLLS-r) is conducted by a Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. It can take two to three weeks to identify a child’s current strengths and weaknesses. 

ABA therapy starts with a pairing what is building a rapport with a child. Pairing plays a remarkable role in ABA services and often is underestimated by parents who expect a child to learn in a highly structured setting right after a meeting with a therapist. The reality is that pairing cannot be overestimated. This is a significantly important procedure that helps your child to get the idea that learning is fun and not a punishment. Learning MUST be FUN, this is IAMSS approach, and both of these words are equally important for our team. 

Centre-based services are beneficial in term of providing your child with a highly structured, stress-free, and learning enriched environment where he/she learn a variety of significantly important skills: communication, language, classroom routine, group, listening and many more.  We created a stress-free, welcoming, and learning enriched environment where every child can learn in a supportive atmosphere. 

Our intervention is family-centred, thus it’s very important for us to know family goals to include them in an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that is strictly individualized for every IAMSS student. The ISP is discussed with the parents/caregivers. Our next step is starting one-on-one or hybrid (one-one plus group sessions) programming. All programs are supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

Parents receive ongoing support from IAMSS in terms of monitoring their children's progress and discussing it with a clinical team, as well as, receive consultations regarding decreasing their child's undesirable behaviour and applied mastered skills in-home setting.

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