Day Camp for Children

With technological advances on the rise and kids spending an increasing amount of their early years behind a screen than any generation before, it’s not surprising that we are seeing a decrease in overall physical activity as well as higher rates of anxiety and depression among youth.
Day Camp for Children

Today, many children are spending their summer days closed off in their bedrooms, playing hours of mind-numbing video games, and filling their tummies with too many sugary, processed foods. Besides the latest social media sensation, not much is regularly changing, expanding, or challenging the many young minds of this generation.  

So, what’s missing and what can help to better connect today’s youth to their innermost selves and the world outside? The answer may just be at your local recreation center, library, swim club, or ski resort. The answer could very well be camp!

Benefits of Camp for Children 

Although the camp may not appear to be as readily available or popular as it once was, the camp still proves beneficial for the children who attend. It’s also been suggested that overnight camp can be even more valuable for a child than day camp—still, both produce powerful benefits for children and adolescents. 

Kids camp can benefit children in the following ways:

Some camp activities children commonly enjoy at our day camp in Toronto are:


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