Private Elementary School

We work collaboratively to create a stress-free and learning enriched environment where childrens’ interests are valued and explored.

The daily life in our private school focuses on each child as an active, competent learner drawing on their abilities and interests while stimulating new learning and curiosity.

Private Elementary School

Evidence-Based Practices

We understand the significance of using evidence-based practices in incorporating a modified Ontario curriculum with direct instruction and individual learning plans when teaching our children from grades K-8. At our non-religious private elementary school in Thornhill, each child has an individual learning plan generated based on their initial assessment, parent“s contributions, therapist's input, etc. The curriculum highlights the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities for all students attending our school.


Our core curriculum pays attention to the growth and development of each child through their Individualized Learning Plan.

Our child-centred approach leads to the emergence of an in-depth curricular study. This integrated curriculum and hands-on approach are utilized to teach skills and concepts in Mathematics, Science, English and Language Arts, History and Social Studies, Arts, Computer Science, and Physical Education, fostering problem-solving ability and independent thinking. Every experience opens opportunities to explore the chosen topic as well as related topics, depending on the shared experience or special interests of the group. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to find answers through research, experimentation, observation, and exploration.

The classroom teachers and specialists all work closely together to ensure that the curriculum is well-integrated and age-appropriate. Our program carefully balances the integration of literacy, math, science, music and movement. Community play, math games, journal writing, yoga, and outdoor time add to the richness of the experience.

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The elementary school has been assigned a BSID number by the Ministry of Education of Ontario and is listed as a private school on the Ministry's website.


A Tradition of Excellence!


Extracurricular Activities

I AM SMART S-COOL! Thornhill campus offers a variety of fun and dynamic activities all year round. Our goal is to provide programs that help develop individual skills in sports and arts, as well as an educational program with tutorials in language and math (by parental request).

Please contact us regarding registration for classes and camps.

About classes

Small Classes

Our classes are 5 to 10 students with one Ontario Certified teacher and one professional ABA therapist.

Extensive Curriculum

IAMSS Private School has a special subject “Creative Thinking” along with Ontario Curriculum and ABA Based classes.

Parents Play a Significant Role in Their Kids Learning

IAMSS is a family-centred private school, thus we appreciate parents’ involvement in their children's learning process.

Stress-free and Friendly Environment

We are deeply convinced that stress is an enemy of learning, thus we create a school environment where every single child feels comfortable and welcomed.

About academic programs

Language Arts

Small group classes focusing on phonemic awareness; phonics and sight word reading; non-fiction and fiction; plays; and poetry for guided reading; listening and reading comprehension; spelling regular and irregular words; analytical and creative writing.

Creative Writing

Emphasis on writing freely from the imagination; transitions and sequencing of events and character development; elementary editing of grammar and punctuation.


Place value; number relationships and properties; number combinations to 20; creation and solution of story problems; measurement of length; weight and time; identification and classification of 2-D and 3-D shapes; organization; representation and comparison of data; creation; description and extension of patterns.

Social Studies

Beginning with community and neighbourhood and expanding to the five boroughs with attention to geography; history; landmarks and transportation; and to individual differences and similarities within the classroom community.


Properties of air and aerodynamics; comparative study of human and animal teeth; behaviour; anatomical structure and ecology of mollusks using land snails and their relationship to the rest of the animal kingdom; seed germination; bird anatomy and identification; states of matter exploring the change of state; the water cycle and weather; the solar system.


Weekly period for listening to stories; learning the location of fiction and non-fiction; and checking out books.


Introduction to the tools, techniques, materials and communicating personal images and ideas; demonstrating observation skills; demonstrating an appreciation of Art.


Continuation of the program begun in Kindergarten.


Understanding musical terms/beats/rhythm; using music as a means of creative expression.

Physical Education

Demonstrating principles of movement; creative movement; improving conditioning and increasing flexibility.

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