Social Skills Group

Learning social skills can be beneficial for a child’s development in many ways: emotionally, cognitively, and socially. Always remember that children develop at different paces and where some social skills may feel more natural for a child to understand and put into practice, developing other skills may require more practice or even a few modifications along the way.

Social Skills Group

Why are Social Skills Important?

Learning and developing social skills is considered to be one of the leading predictors of future success for a child (Lake, 2018). However, depending on a child’s developmental stage and emotional state, the formation of social skills will look and feel different for every child.   

While one child may naturally pick up social cues and feedback from their environment, another child may need more time and practice—neither scenario being a predictor of a child’s intelligence, abilities, or long-term success. 

Learning about social skills can help children with the following:  

Teaching Social Skills 

We help our students to learn about and develop social skills: 

  1. Sharing
  2. Cooperating 
  3. Listening 
  4. Following Directions 
  5. Respecting Boundaries 


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