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Private School &
ABA Therapy in Toronto

For more than a decade, hundreds of families in Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area have trusted us to provide early childhood education and ABA services to their children.

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Private School &</br>ABA Therapy in Toronto


I AM SMART SCHOOL ABA Therapy Agency and Private School in Thornhill, Ontario

Our mission is to provide accessible and high-quality services: ABA services in Toronto as well as private elementary school-based at our Thornhill location. 

All programs are supervised by our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst Olessia Kotko and implemented by an experienced team of clinicians. 

We are thrilled that our Thornhill location has been assigned an Ontario Identification number by the Ministry of Education of Ontario for the past 4 years. What sets our private school apart is the utilization of a unique hybrid model of teaching including the ABA approach and the creative thinking model, complementing our Ontario Curriculum subjects for all children in grades 1-8.

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