Questions and Answers about I Am Smart S-Cool!

➔ When did I AM Smart S-cool opened?

We opened as an ABA agency on January the 7th, 2013. The Ministry of Education of Ontario private school identification number was assigned to us in September 2017.

➔ When did I Am Smart S-Cool! first opened as a Private School?

We have been registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education since 2017.  Over the past three-years, our student population has tripled. 

➔ What is I Am Smart S-Cool! Registration process?

All prospective students and carers are required to attend an interview with The School prior to admission. Offers of Admission will be sent upon completion and submission of required documents, and a successful interview. The admission letter will be sent within 10 business days.  

➔ What documents do I need to register my child at I Am Smart S-Cool?

The following documents are required to complete registration: a birth certificate or birth registration, immunization certificate, and recent proof of address (i.e. recent utility bill or driver's license).

➔ What subjects will my child learn at I Am Smart S-Cool?

Our school follows The Ontario Curriculum. Subjects include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies, Health & Physical Wellbeing, The Arts, and French As a Second Language. We also teach Creative thinking (logic, analytical skills, problem-solving) as a special subject. 

➔ How many students will be in my child’s classroom?

Class sizes range from 5-10 students, depending on the program. 

➔ How many staff will be in my child’s classroom?

The teacher to student ratio ranges from 1:3-1:5. 

➔ Does I Am Smart S-Cool! only admit children with Special Needs?

No. ABA-based curriculum is suitable for all types of learners.  Thus, I Am Smart S-Cool! accepts all children. All lessons and learning experiences occur in small-group settings, using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) such as: consistent positive-reinforcement and rewards, and extra support and prompting when needed. We believe even a small step in the right direction can result in great achievement! 

➔ Will you provide special support for my child with special needs?

Yes. Our school originally began as an ABA Therapy agency for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are known in Ontario for students’ success with our unique hybrid program for children with ASD, ADHD, and/or challenges with development in language and social skills. During a time we see that it works for all children. 

➔ What is I am Smart S-Cool’s learning-progress reporting process?

We issue two report cards annually.  We additionally host two formal and two informal parent-teacher interviews per school year. We are also always available by phone and email. For daily parent-teacher communication, we use the Class Dojo App.